Recently Added Videos Recently Added Videos Thu 18 Sep 2014 18:52:25 +0200 <![CDATA[ Jimmy Durano & Johnny V ]]>
Hot House loves Jimmy Durano not just because of his ripped body, but because he is a sexual powerhouse. Pair him with the hottest newcomer in porn, exclusive Johnny V and you have a pairing that will go down as one of the best of the year. ]]>
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Hairy, muscle-dad Mickey Collins and smooth, young Derek Scott are at the patio table getting frisky. Derek stands behind Mickey and rubs the dad’s strong, hairy chest. Mickey pulls off his shorts and strokes his cock. Derek leans over and plays with Mickey's cock. ]]>
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School is over and Dakota and Daniel have their very own private "after school club" to go to. The bedroom is the setting and the horny boys are quickly stripping off and sharing their gorgeous cocks in a mutual sucking. ]]>
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<![CDATA[ Colby Parker ]]>
Colby is a very handsome man with a background in performance, but nothing like this. He's a Welsh boy looking for the adventure of a city life and now living in London, enjoying the excitement and adventure. ]]>
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These boys are making all around fill with steam ]]>
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<![CDATA[ Tony Buff, Draven Torres & Armond Rizzo ]]>
Three generations of Daddyz and Boyz. Armond Rizzo flies through the air, his naked body flung by his daddy, Draven Torres, onto a table padded in red leather. Draven wears a yellow jockstrap that showcases his glutes like parentheses. ]]>
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<![CDATA[ Armond Rizzo, Sean Duran & Rogue Status ]]>
From, “Enlist Your Fist, Scene 4″ ]]>
Thu 18 Sep 2014 06:31:00 +0200
<![CDATA[ Trenton Ducati Rails Marten James ]]>
Marten James has been on his feet a lot lately, and they are super sore. Trenton Ducati thinks he has just the answer as he takes his buddy's feet in his giant paws and starts working on slowly releasing all that tension. Pretty soon Trenton brings in some tongue action to help sooth Martens stiffness. ]]>
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<![CDATA[ I bash his balls with a rubber mallet through his shorts and make him ask for more and more. ]]>
Tuff's boy is back in my dungeon. I bind his hands behind his back. Pull off his shirt, pull his jeans down around his knees and bash his balls with rubber mallet. I make him ask for more and he does. He knows how to take punishment and loves it too. ]]>
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<![CDATA[ Pre-Game Protein ]]>
Jason is waking up to his alarm and about to begin his day. He first turns the alarm off and notices he has a raging morning wood and he strokes it a little bit than gets into his soccer gear. ]]>
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