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Young lad Dean is a chirpy Welsh guy who has a really nice toned, and naturally muscled body, with a well defined chest, and lightly hairy abs. As his shorts come down to show off his nicely size uncut cock, you can see his natural hair around his balls too - looks really sexy. ]]>
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Joe always has a hot load of cum in his nuts ready to go, and after sharing some jerking fun on the bed and watching some porn he gives up that meat for some hot sucking. Of course, a suck off like this wouldn't be right without a cum facial to end it all, and he delivers a creamy wad for a finale too. ]]>
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Gorgeous smooth new Helix Boy Bastian Hart is broken in by ultra hung bad boy Roman Daniels. Roman starts by taking Bastian's big boner down his throat before whipping out his own huge cock to stick in the newbie's tender young mouth. ]]>
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Wow is one way to describe this vid! The fucking is amazing, but the hot loads that conclude this up coming release are gushingly delicious. This will be the first of three vids Kaio has filmed for me and in this vid, I managed to capture him with new cummer Daniel. ]]>
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<![CDATA[ These busy boys take a much-needed sex break ]]>
After a long day at work, these two fuckers can't wait to undress for blowjobs and some butt dicking. They move so easily, and it's fantastic to watch. ]]>
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Potter is always hot to watch as he works his big uncut cock and gets that semen pumping out, but this visit is a little special as we give him some fleshlight toys to play with. Most boys jack off with them, but Potter really goes all out with his hooded shaft in those toys, humping them and fucking them hard until his cum is splashing out over his body. ]]>
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<![CDATA[ Jason & Orion ]]>
Orion Cross is 25 and a very friendly gay guy. He loves to get fucked and convinces the usually-bottom Jason to dive in. ]]>
Tue 30 Sep 2014 05:14:00 +0200
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Devin is a sexy, fit black college student. He's here to do pussy porn. When the 'girl' doesn't show, I hook him up with one of my white bi dudes. It's his first time having gay sex, but it doesn't look like his last..... ]]>
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<![CDATA[ Jo Diamond ]]>
22 year old Jo Diamond just has one of those faces that is so compelling it's really hard to take your eyes off of him. When he smiles and laughs it's always a heartwarming moment. But in spite of all that you just have to hate him. ]]>
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This video starts out as a two way and ends with a threeway sandwich fuck. First off you get Derrick Hanson and Ryann Wood going at it, before well hung Luke Hass joins the duo and puts his big cock to good use. Shot in the beautiful afternoon light, this is one of the best outdoors, bench fucks you will see. ]]>
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Filthy white perv enjoys 2 hefty black schlong at once. This perv does his best to please those bones at the same time. He enjoys driving those pieces down his throat. ]]>
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<![CDATA[ Jason & Sebastion ]]>
Our bait-bois had their fun with Jason and then left him tied to the bed for me. Knowing he was ticklish I tortured Jason with the pinwheel and sustained tickling to his abdomen and feet, he absolutely hated me tickling his feet. To make it more interesting for me, I added a bit of paddling and spanking on his arse before cumming my load to let him know that at least one of us enjoyed every minute. ]]>
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<![CDATA[ Logan Stevens & Adam Ramzi ]]>
Two beards, different colors: Logan Stevens’ face is ringed with golden blond scruff, and Adam Ramzi sports a dark, black stubble. Put them together, and they’re immediately tangled in an embrace of sexual fervor. Blowjobs for both are enhanced by licking and sucking the balls. ]]>
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<![CDATA[ These busy boys take a much-needed sex break ]]>
After a long day at work, these two fuckers can't wait to undress for blowjobs and some butt dicking. They move so easily, and it's fantastic to watch. ]]>
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Matt and Reece just love working together and both boys can't get enough sex, so together with Ben the cameraman and Jake who drives our trusty white van like it's a formula 1 racing car, our guys head out in the wind and the rain (such dedication!) to find something cute to shag! ]]>
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Sex-hungry studs Chris Bines and Connor Maguire meet up in the kitchen, eager to satisfy their craving for man-meat. A steamy make out session sets the tone and quickly escalates to cock sucking. Chris pinches his own nipples while he sucks Connor off, swallowing that big, hard dick as deep as he can. ]]>
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