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<![CDATA[ Lovely twink dude plays with toys ]]>
Amazing and seductive solo of a sweet twink, whom you'll definitely love! See his sexy, lean body and follow everything what he's doing here: stripping, softcore posing, masturbation and even solo sex with dildo! ]]>
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Tadashi, rhythmically pumping in Kaede, grabs at the bottom's hips for leverage. As Kaede moans, Tadashi pulls him onto his dick and goes in deeper. Jerking the boy, while still in him, the top then puts his partner on his back. In this position, they are able to have more body contact. ]]>
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<![CDATA[ Fuck His Load In 2#3 ]]>
We’ve been getting a lot of emails lately asking about the part 2 of Fuck His Load In so we didn’t want to disappoint. When we last left off Nate had taken about half a dozen loads but was hungry for more so the revolving door of tops started again with Nate still bent over, ready, and oh so willing to take a shitload more cum! ]]>
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