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Meet this sweet, sexy Twink named Rookie. He’s come to us a long way to fill you in on where he’s been, his enjoyments, and what type of dude he likes. Rookie is kicking the old soccer ball around a bit, taking off some clothing to get more comfortable, and inviting you in to take a look at some of his scorching hot dance moves. ]]>
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Thiago is walking home from the gym when he recognizes an old fuck buddy he hasn't seen for a long time. Lenin is surprised to see him and hangs up and the two buddies head to Thiago's place to re-live some old bareback fucking memories. ]]>
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Hairy, bearded and definitely hot, daddy Rich gives us the low-down on what he likes in a twink, and teamed up with tiny Rox Matthews. It's a perfect match for some hot dad on lad action! Making out on the bed, the toned pale French boy is shown the way by suited daddy Rich who definitely wants to play with his new toy! ]]>
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We're back poolside and we meet Chris again, this time with a damn handsome Bo Bangor catching some rays with him. Tattooed, tanned and with both nipples pierced with some heavy looking rings, David works his magic again and gets them both fooling around in front of the camera. ]]>
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Blinx admits that he's always horny and needing to jerk off, but he's been learning to hold back and not beat that meat too much so he can come in an deliver a good straight cum load for all his fans. ]]>
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Sometimes the chemistry of two hot twinks just works, as it does here with these models. Haruto is on bottom and Ichiro is on top, appropriately enough. While the boys caress, suck and get to know one another, sexual energy fills the air and as Ichiro removes Haruto's jean, his bulge more than fills those underwear. ]]>
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No time is wasted on inane dialogue and tired storyline here, with Patrick Ives big, meaty ass the star of this pigfest video. He gets deep-slammed by Latino stud Tony Serranos long, hard, skyward-pointing cock. The two grunt and groan their way through several positions with SX capturing all the action up close until Serrano drops a load on and in Ives ass. ]]>
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Javier gets into some music; Javier also enjoys "getting into" cute guys, like Franko. Offering himself up, Franko knows just how big and thick Javier is. Better than music, the pair "groove" together. ]]>
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