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Northern muscle man Scott is coming back home from his morning exercise and he runs into a hot guy at the gate of his block. The guy has come to fix a problem with a door, in Scott’s flat, what a moment of luck! Scott takes him up, shows him the problem then goes to have a shower and get ready for work. ]]>
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Sexy guys humiliated by clothed men ]]>
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Tom White has a new place to live and decides to christen his apartment with a bareback fuck. Inviting Frank Myers over, Tom treats the handsome, dark-haired beauty to a blowjob before giving up his own dick for some mutual service. ]]>
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Sean Zevran is boldly bare. His lean, muscled body is on total display and his cock is ready for action. Jaxon Colt kneels naked before Sean, eager to suck. One of Jaxon’s hands steadies and guides Sean’s cock while the other freely roams Sean’s flawless skin and rippling muscles. ]]>
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